[linux-audio-dev] OSC-Question

Georg Holzmann georg.holzmann at student.kug.ac.at
Wed Mar 16 15:51:35 UTC 2005


> after some of the latest discussions about audio-apps without gui, my head is 
> filled with giving JackMix[1] OSC-Support and perhaps splitting it into a 
> text-based / osc-based server doing the mixing and a gui...
I'm just planning a similar project, where the user can build a GUI and 
can send OSC-messages with it to PD, supercollider, max, ...
(But it should mainly be used on a PDA - to make an _easy-to-use_ remote 
control to various programs ...)
So my question: Are your plans very similar ? - (then I have to rethink 
the whole stuff ...)

Just another question on the OSC implementation:
I planned to implement the application in Qt/C++ and wanted to ask, if 
there could be troubles with liblo on a PDA (because I know that 
libOSC++ was used on a PDA in http://www.grenzenlosefreiheit.de ) ?

Thanks in advance,

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