[linux-audio-dev] Quick question regarding raw midi access via alsa sequencer

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Mar 18 15:50:32 UTC 2005

>I did a bit of hacking on my app trying to make it alsa sequencer compatible
>but did not want to do too much changing in terms of how it deals with raw
>MIDI data. From looking at the API reference it seems that I have 2 choices:

libmidi++ in the ardour source tree has what you need. at least as a
model. ardour writes raw MIDI, never uses the sequencer API. libmidi++
provides "port" objects which support that, regardless of whether they
correspond to a raw MIDI port, a FIFO (literally), CoreMIDI or ALSA sequencer.

see alsasequencer_midiport.cc for details.


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