[linux-audio-dev] jack and alsa design issue

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Sat Mar 19 15:37:35 UTC 2005

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 at 23:53 +0100, Jens M Andreasen wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 08:24 -0700, Hans Fugal wrote:
> > 
> > As I understand it, alsa can be asynchronous but it requires using SIGIO
> > which doesn't excite me. So I'd have to create another thread that
> > selects and fills a ringbuffer.
> > 
> Ehrm ... How will putting SIGIO in another thread improve your
> performance? The job still have to get done, no?

Sorry, the other thread idea is in order to avoid SIGIO. The thread
would select on the audio device and drain it into a ringbuffer for the
other thread to use.

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