[linux-audio-dev] jack.udp issues

Antonio "Willy" Malara behappy at maialone.com
Tue Mar 22 11:00:04 UTC 2005

Lee Revell wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 05:48 +0100, Antonio "Willy" Malara wrote:
>>jack.udp recv
>>     ^
>>     |  (FastEthernet network (100mbps))
>>     |
>>     |
>>powerpc pc
> When you say "FastEthernet network" do you mean a good network or do you
> mean cheap switches?

the switch is a Catalyst which i dont remember the mode, it has 48 FE 
plus two optic fiber, the two hosts are on the same subnet so no routing 
is required, btw i've tried without any switch and the issue is still there

for the records i've been able to set up a working (but i've not 
stressed it) configuration like this

jackudp recv (the same x86 computer) with alsa driver
   | (cable, 100mbps)
router: powerpc laptop (the same)
   | (802.11b ad-hoc network)
jackudp send (a sony vaio of a couple of years ago) with alsa driver

with this i started alsaplayer on the vaio and the other x86 host was 
correctly playing music with no xruns due to network transport or, btw, 
no artifacts on the audio

that was only a 3 minute test, just the time of the song i've listened 
:P dont know if in this short time can occour an audible clock drift or 
anything like that,

so it seems jack needs some timing information from the soundcard/driver 
subsystem. i wonder if that can be abstracted at jack level (nor at 
driver level)


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