[linux-audio-dev] Common synthesizer interface -or- microtonal alternative to MIDI?

dave at pawfal.org dave at pawfal.org
Tue May 3 13:00:03 UTC 2005

> To add my 0.02 Euro : I'm sure that OSC is the way to go for this project.
> And I'd love to have an 'OSC sequencer' -- something that allows you to
> schedule / edit / manipulate arbitrary OSC events, and with a
> non-destructive
> region editor similar to Ardour's.

An OSC sequencer would have to be written such that it would have no
preconceptions of what the data was actually representing, you could set
up all sorts of filtering, conditional events, remapping of messages etc.
I think it could be really powerful if done correctly. The worst thing
would be a sequencer that forced OSC to look like midi - with note
ons/offs etc.



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