[linux-audio-dev] Aeolus and OSC - comments requested

Alfons Adriaensen fons.adriaensen at alcatel.be
Thu May 12 14:36:08 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I'm planning the OSC-fication of Aeolus, and would like to have
some comments / feedback on the current ideas (they could well 
be braindead, in which case you are kindly requested to say so).

The setup I have in mind is as follows:

- There will be one UDP server socket. This socket is left
  unconnected, and will receive OSC commands from any source.
  These commands give you complete control over most aspects
  of Aeolus (excluding the stop definition editor which will
  remain in the local GUI only).

  They will also include note on/off comnmands, and that leads
  to my first question: is there any "standard" OSC format for
  these ?

- This interface will provide everything required by sequencers
  etc. that want to 'play' Aeolus. Clients that want to implement
  their own user interface will need more: they also require feed-
  back on the current state (e.g. if a midi messages recalls a 
  program, this should be reflected in the user interface).

  The way I currently foresee providing for these is to add
  the commands:

  /addclient  ,s  host:port   and
  /remclient  ,s  host:port

  Registered clients can request information (e.g. a list of all
  available stops), and will receive notification of everything
  that may affect a user interface, again by UDP messages to
  their port of choice. They will still send all their commands
  to the unique server port above. Second question: is this a
  good idea, or would it be better to create a TCP connection
  for this type of client ?

Comments invited !!


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