[linux-audio-dev] Aeolus and OSC - comments requested

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu May 12 15:40:51 UTC 2005

Alfons Adriaensen wrote on Thu, 12-May-2005:

> > values that continuously change.  My register calls usually take
 > > a URI and an osc path that will be used for the callback message
 > > (with predetermined arguments).
 > Do you mean the client specifies the format of the reply messages
 > in its requests ? Why should that be necessary ?

No, i mean the arguments the engine will use in the callbacks
are conventionally specified in the OSC "API" for these comms.

 > One thing I forgot to mention regarding /addclient : the response
 > to this will include a client ID (integer) that is a required 
 > parameter to all polled requests for information, such as e.g.
 > the list of stops. This ID identifies the client on the common
 > server socket (I see no other way to do this with a single socket).
Right now,  all my callback related stuff uses the URI of
the callback as the ID, since I was passing it around anyway.
An ID would probably be better.


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