[linux-audio-dev] Aeolus and OSC - comments requested

James McDermott jamesmichaelmcdermott at gmail.com
Sat May 14 23:11:05 UTC 2005

> An OSC note standard would be nice, but I don't know if it's even
possible (it's different for everyone).  Service discovery and namespace
enumeration need to just make it a nonexistant problem IMO.

It would be *very* nice, if not a real pain to be without!

It strikes me that whenever OSC *does* become widely used, people will
want to be able to control OSC-driven programs with their existing
hardware, eg MIDI keyboards. One way to allow that would be for all
OSC-driven programs to support MIDI as well. But it would be nice if
the programmers didn't have to go to that trouble.

And in the reverse direction, I might be using my OSC sequencer to
control an OSC-driven synth, and suddenly decide I want to play the
same melody on a MIDI-only synth. It would be nice if I could just
redirect the output, rather than transcribing the OSC notes.

So, could a translation layer be written which (given service
discovery and knowledge of namespace) can do a translation in either
direction: (a small subset of) OSC < - > MIDI?

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