[linux-audio-dev] Does anyone have a working example ofSupercollider and SCUM GUI where slider or a button doesreal-time update on the synth

stefan kersten steve at k-hornz.de
Wed May 18 16:09:57 UTC 2005

i'm not subscribed to lau, please forward as appropriate.

On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 10:32:14AM -0400, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> Now if I have:
> Out.ar(out, SinOsc.ar(freq + 100, mul: 0.5))
> This doesn't.
> Naturally, one could always put something before this
> statement to fix this, i.e.:
> freq = freq + 100;
> Out.ar(out, SinOsc.ar(freq, mul: 0.5))
> But it is still interesting why the multiplication works
> and addition doesn't.

works fine here. what value does freq have? what errors do
you get?

> Also, I noticed that on one of your SCUM example
> screenshots you are using .connect method to connect
> something, yet I was unable to locate anything of value in
> the documentation. I assume that this could be something
> similar to the signal-slot idea in Qt and/or other Widget
> languages (but obviously I may be completely off the
> mark), so I was wondering if you could please provide an
> example for that? I would really appreciate it!

SCUM did have a signal/slot mechanism, but it turned out to
be overkill.

> Finally, while I am on the roll with questions :-), do you
> mind also mentioning what's the current status/roadmap of
> SCUM in terms of supporting all stock Supercollider
> widgets, as I noticed that the SCUM widgets use
> non-standard names and in addition I am not sure whether
> all widgets are as of yet supported, all of which, at
> least in my experience, makes a number of sc examples
> available on the net difficult if not impossible to run in
> Linux.

in the upcoming release SCUM will evolve from an attempt to
provide the 'standard' SC view classes on linux to a
standalone, cross-platform server application. i agree it
was a questionable move to strive for compatibility with the
existing SC view classes in some areas, while doing things
differently in others. SCUM's heading towards total
incompatibility, so be patient :)

> Please don't get me wrong, this is not to criticize as I
> am eternally grateful for SCUM, I am simply curious as to
> what is the roadmap for the project.

there's no roadmap. work on SCUM is demand-driven, i.e. i
implement things if and when i need them, and most of the
time i don't need a gui. contributions (new view classes,
documentation) are welcome, though ...

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