[linux-audio-dev] Mixing signals

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd-lad at mega-nerd.com
Mon May 23 09:11:01 UTC 2005

Viceic Predrag wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm the author of Freecycle, one of the younger FOSS audio projects out there. 
> I have a problem that may astound by it's simplicity, so I barely dare to ask 
> for help...
> Freecycle provides some LADSPA functionality, and as there are lot of great 
> but mono ladspa effects, I need a very simple way of sending stereo audio to 
> mono input..

Is there any reason why you don't just start up two instances of the
plugin and send each channel through its own plugin? You could replicate
the control parameters for each channel.

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