[linux-audio-dev] Beginner question about ring buffer and block processing

David Cournapeau cournape at gmail.com
Tue May 24 04:07:39 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

    I try to get my head around a basic problem, and I don't manage to 
get around it: how to adapt to variable sized blocks of samples given by 
a ladspa or jack host/server to an existing, fixed length block 
processing algorithm, for example a N points fft. AFAIK, the ring buffer 
is the standart tool to solve this problem, but I don't understand how 
this helps ?

    I tried to read the source of jamin, which implements this kind of 
scheme in io.c, but I couldn't manage to get the whole thing.

    I would be glad to hear any hint about the right way to use 
ringbuffer for this task,




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