[linux-audio-dev] Best-performing Linux-friendly MIDI interfaces?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Sat May 28 13:48:07 UTC 2005

hi all,

i'm currently working on a rather large project which i'd like to 
fully support under Linux .. it requires, however, a functioning MIDI 
sub-system.  for this reason, i'd like to ask members of LAD to 
report on their experiences with using professional MIDI interfaces, 
such as (for example) the Motu MTP AV, Digidesign MIDEX-8, etc?

what is the 'easiest' MIDI interface to get working under the average 
Linux kernel?  what sort of experiences do folks have with getting 
MIDI working (on a programming level) using API's such as (but not 
limited to) ALSA, and MidiShare?

for me so far, MidiShare seems to offer the most direct and usable 
approach .. while ALSA is wraught with complexity and dependencies 
which often seem out of control.  i'd like to know what your 
experience, as developers, has been with getting a working MIDI 
subsystem under Linux ...



Jay Vaughan

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