[linux-audio-dev] ANN: Oscilloscope plugin 0.2.0

Lars Luthman larsl at users.sourceforge.net
Sun May 29 13:44:28 UTC 2005

Here is an oscilloscope DSSI plugin that I've been hacking on the last
few weeks: 


It has two audio input ports and will display the two input signals as
two waves in the display. The trigger level and direction is
controllable, as well as the amplification and offset for each channel
and the time resolution.

Note that this plugin will NOT work with jack-dssi-host from version 0.9
of the DSSI package since that does not support audio input ports. It
will work with jack-dssi-host or Om from current CVS (I haven't tested
it with Rosegarden). Om 0.1.1 and earlier will not work because of an
optimisation that breaks this type of plugins.

The plugin includes a DSSIUIClient class that might be of interest to
plugin UI writers using libsigc++ and Glibmm - it handles all the
required communication with the plugin host and exposes public member
functions and signals for the UI -> host and host -> UI OSC commands
specified in the DSSI RFC. It can also handle the nasty business of
setting up an initial shared memory segment for the plugin and the UI
(the actual implementation of the shared memory handling is in a
separate C file, so it could be useful for people who don't use libsigc
++ and Glibmm or even C++). Source code documentation is here


and here


For more details about the plugin, read the README file in the source

It's all GPL.

Lars Luthman
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