[linux-audio-dev] Which sequencer framework for a simple MIDI drum looper ?

_ langagemachine langagemachine at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 10:08:59 UTC 2006

Sorry, posted sent itself :-o

Oh, you are right : there are 3 downloads : Mac, Windows and ChucK-less.
I have downloaded the ChucK-less version, and it launches ChucK and
Jack alright; i only had to create symlink ln -s /usr/bin/chuck to

The Java part is free but not open-source, though.

Thanks for making me notice ; I have some material to play around with :-)

Is there activity around midishare ? The forum does not seem to have
been too busy recently.

2006/8/15, Jonny Stutters <jstutters at jeremah.co.uk>:
> _ langagemachine wrote:
> > The former two seem slightly more complete ; in particular, I very
> > much liked Breakage, which uses Chuck :
> > http://www.blackholeprojector.com/
> > (Actually, this app would have been a very good fit, but it is
> > Windows/Mac only :-o)
> Actually, if you look at the FAQ on the Breakage site it claims to run
> on Linux as well.  It's Java so I guess if you download the "ChucK-less"
> version from their site and acquire ChucK for yourself that should do it.
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