[linux-audio-dev] Recording ADAT inputs on RME hammerfall 9636/52

Stephen Cameron smcameron at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 5 07:09:55 UTC 2006

(In case anyone remembers this, or digs it up via 
google or something)

Well, I have _finally_ got my RME Hammerfall lite
working, and yes, I am indeed an idiot.  This whole time 
(almost 6 months) I've had the Mac EPROM plugged into the 
thing instead of the Windows EPROM.  Upon describing my 
troubles (garbled sound and 48dB loss in volume) to RME 
support, they instantly diagnosed the problem.  (I hadn't
contacted them before because I know they do not officially
support linux.  Only after trying the board in a Windows
box known to work with a HDSP board and finding my board
still not working did I contact RME.)

So, now, with the right EPROM chip, it's working, even with 
50-foot ADAT cables.

-- steve

--- Stephen Cameron <smcameron at yahoo.com> wrote
(About 6 months ago, what's below):

> Well, mixed results tonight.
> I was able to get some sound to go across the ADAT
> cables from the PC to the AW4416.  But not good sound.
> On the bright side, I think I more or less understand
> connecting things up with jack, ecasound, and so on.
> On the bad side, so far it's not working too well.
> I monitored things with "jackmeter" and this meter
> registered peaks near 0dB for the stuff I was playing
> with ecasound, and pretty high levels for the most part.
> On the AW4416, the levels were registering between -30dB
> and -48dB.  I guess I don't understand how ADAT works.
> I was under the impression the signal going across the
> cables was digital -- and so to get a reduction in levels
> like that, I would expect some digital numbers would have
> to go from being big numbers to being small numbers, which
> seems unlikely thing to happen to numbers encoded as pulses
> going down a cable.  So I conclude I don't know how ADAT
> works, except it's not as I imagined it did.
> Oh, and besides a drastic loss of signal level, the signal
> was distorted strangely.  Hard to describe.  This may be
> due to xruns... I haven't got things to work without xruns
> yet, but that shouldn't cause a drop in levels, right?  Just
> kind of choppiness, dropouts, crappy sound, right?
> Transfering from the AW4416 to the PC did not work at all.
> on capture_1 and capture_2, I got very low level white noise 
> apparently.  Are those the s/pdif ports?  On the other
> channels input was dead silence.
> I tried both ADAT ports on the RME board, with similar results
> on each.  I tried swapping the two ADAT cables in case one of
> the cables was bad... this did not seem to make a difference.
> Maybe the RME just transmits harder than the Yamaha, so it's 
> signal makes it across (just barely, crossing the finish
> line at -48dB) while the yamaha's signal dies.
> I did change the RME's frequency to 44.1kHz in qjackctl's 
> setup window.
> Maybe there are some clues in here:
> [root at zuul R15]# cat /proc/asound/R15/rme9652 
> RME Digi9636 (Rev 1.5) (Card #2)
> Buffers: capture f6a00000 playback f6400000
> IRQ: 10 Registers bus: 0xea000000 VM: 0xf88a2000
> Control register: 48029
> Latency: 1024 samples (2 periods of 4096 bytes)
> Hardware pointer (frames): 1024
> Passthru: no
> Clock mode: autosync
> Pref. sync source: ADAT1
> ADAT1 Input source: ADAT1 optical
> IEC958 input: Internal
> IEC958 output: Coaxial only
> IEC958 quality: Consumer
> IEC958 emphasis: off
> IEC958 Dolby: off
> IEC958 sample rate: error flag set
> ADAT Sample rate: 44100Hz
> ADAT1: No Lock
> ADAT2: Sync
> ADAT3: No Lock
> Timecode signal: no
> Punch Status:
>  1: off  2: off  3: off  4: off  5: off  6: off  7: off  8: off 
>  9: off 10: off 11: off 12: off 13: off 14: off 15: off 16: off 
> 17: off 18: off 
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