[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] yet another linux sound wiki.

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Dec 10 22:53:36 UTC 2006

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I've started to convert the information from linux-sound.org into a
distributable doku-wiki.


This is a prototype installation and experimental suggestion!
Please review and comment before further development proceeds.

** content information **

it's basically a database of http://linux-sound.org chopped up into text
files. I have added URLs to [external] screenshots and logos to some
pages and updated or deleted a few dead links.. it's still a long way to
go, but some tasks could be semi-automated (fi. searching for dead links..)

I am open to suggestions on how to maintain the content. This prototype
is open for editing to all registered users (email verification).
I can share experiences or rewrite and improve the dokuwiki to some
extend, and may contribute to content but not on a day to day basis.
patches, suggestions and comments are welcome.

** design/layout look&feel **

no efforts have been taken to change the default dokuwiki look and feel.

Is anyone interested in
a) designing and writing a dokuwiki template
b) start a discussion on aims and goals for good user interaction design
c) create a wiki-page to host a design contest
d) rewriting the dokuwiki template ;-)

** technical- and mirror information. **

The data set is a 20MB git repository.

dokuwiki keeps it's data  in txt files. I've started to put them  under
git version control. The idea for mirror-sites is to
check out and branch their wiki while maintainers can merge information
upstream. dokuwiki only requires php.

The wiki itself is available as a separate git repository (incl.
pre-installed plugins and config) - the independent data-set git repos
should work with every dokuwiki installation. The whole system including
generated-meta data is about 50 MB.

more information:



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