[linux-audio-dev] rebuilding the linux soundapps site

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Dec 10 23:05:37 UTC 2006

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hey Ivo, Dave and you.

> 1)generate apps.linuxaudio.org subdomain and port over a summary list of the
> applications (similar to Dave's format)
> 2) plug every listed app to the docs.linuxaudio.org wiki where we would
> build largest and most comprehensive documentation database

yes, a meta-index (1) should be kept separate from the documentation (2)

I would like to see this meta-index not as fixed (machine readable)
database but as a wiki that can contain extra references, or provide
quick information...

> Alternately, we could simply do everything inside docs.linuxaudio.org, but I
> feel that the usefulness of Dave's pages would be somewhat lost unless the
> docs would also have a nice categorized listing of available apps.

we should not draw a line between app-list or doc-wiki pages, but rather
between maintained/edited and public editable content. if you like the
analogy: stable / unstable distribution.

public discussions evolve into signed-off articles and an index is kept
separately (but can be linked/generated automatically..)

i guess 90% of all the requests are either direct page access referring
a search engine and people who will read an entire article, howto etc.
so it might lack the critical mass to support a index site.

Only few users will actually browse an index, but there are not [m]any
alternatives to linux-sound.org when it comes to finding different tools
for a certain task. so someone should keep that up...

I ain't planning hostile takeovers either. In fact I do this in my spare
time and will gladly return to other tasks. I have found a company to
provide free hosting, but my aim is to build a distributable system..
This can certainly be part of linux-sound.org linuxsound.org or who ever
wants to donate a domainname and webspace.

I'm only experimenting with possible solutions. I won't have the time to
become editor of linuxaudio.org but I'm certainly open for cooperation
with apps.linuxaudio.org.  linux-sound.sonologic.nl is far from a proper

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