[linux-audio-dev] Re: Trying to build Om,

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Fri Jul 7 04:36:07 UTC 2006

> All these from gtk.org:
>     * Installed cairo-1.2.0
>     * Installed glib-2.6.6 ... it went into /usr/local/lib
>     * set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include /usr/local/lib...
>     * Installed atk-1.9.0
>     * Installed pango-1.8.2
>     * Installed gtk-2.6.10 
> Reconfigured om... noticed it complained about lash not being found...
>     * Installed lash-0.5.1 from http://www.nongnu.org/lash/ 
> Reconfigured om-, and recompiled and installed. 
> Still complains about the glade stuff as before.
> I didn't rebuild libgnomecanvasmm though, because there
> seems to be some compiler problem, it seems.

from om-cvs ebuild:

        lash? ( media-sound/lash )
        dssi? ( media-libs/dssi )

as other users suggested, i'd update your distro to the current version. if it still doesnt have the above dependencies , id switch to a distro that does. debian and gentoo are two good options... probably arch and mandrake as well..

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