[linux-audio-dev] modular sequencing environment/synth // any projects to dig in?

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 02:44:17 UTC 2006

ah, cool.
just curious, what is your dev environment then?
(distro, etc.)

i might be interested in contributing some code eventually...
(partly cause i was once considering re-writing pd from scratch as
well, but decided it was too big a project for the amount of time i
have right now..)


On 7/8/06, Tim Blechmann <TimBlechmann at gmx.net> wrote:
> > I only took a few minutes to try it, I downloaded the source, but I
> > think the version of SCons in my Ubuntu (Dapper) system wasn't new
> > enough to work with the build script...
> > In any case I played around but couldn't get it to compile.
> pnpd requires a pretty recent version of scons to build ... however,
> even if you compile it, don't expect too much ... it will only play a
> test sine wave :)
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