[linux-audio-dev] diskstream and jack

conrad berhörster conrad.berhoerster at gmx.de
Fri Jul 14 09:30:16 UTC 2006

Hello all, 
i try to implement the reading of audiofiles with ringbuffers.
For this, i need two threads: a main process thread , which is triggered from 
jack every  1024 samples for example. This reads from a ringbuffer.
And a worker thread which fills this ringbuffer. 
Now the question: 
- The worker thread is faster then the jackthread. (Sure, it should be). What 
is the usual way to pause the workerthread and wake up again, when the 
ringbuffer needs more data. 
-Which size should the ringbuffer have. 
- How should the ringbuffer be initilized when starting to play?
- Any small program to have look into or a good inroduction into pthreads?. 
thanks c~

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