Sourceforge issues WAS: [linux-audio-dev] [ANN] netjack-0.12 - Low Latency Network Audio Driver

Pieter Palmers pieterp at
Fri Jul 14 16:24:51 UTC 2006

torbenh at wrote:

> there is no link on because the project shell
> servers are down.

Probably not the cause (as the shell service downtime is displayed on 
the status page), but should you run into strange issues with SF this 
can be interesting:

(  2006-07-13 09:23:52 - Project CVS Service, Project Shell Service, 
Project Subversion (SVN) Service, Web Site  )   A recent 
kernel exploit was released that allowed a non admin user to escalate 
privileges on the host pr-shell1. We urge all users who frequent this 
host to change their password immediately and check their project group 
space for any tampering. As a precaution, we have blocked access to all 
project resources by password until the user resets their password. 
After the password has been reset, project resources should be 
accessible within 5 minutes.

I really wonder why they don't inform their users any better.



PS: Thx to Jonathan Woithe for pointing this out on freebob-devel.

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