[linux-audio-dev] FYI: GUADEC 2006 Sound BOF

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Fri Jul 21 21:05:33 UTC 2006

> Great.  One of the bullet points on the "Future directions" slide is
> "Professional audio?".  So it was not designed for professional use from
> the ground up.
> If Apple can design a single sound system that's usable for desktop toys
> AND pro audio why can't we?

kde4 will be using 'phonon', an additional layer of abstraction on top of gstreamer. if you hold your breath and wake up in 3 years maybe gstreamer wil even have a working JACK sink (). i cant imagine any desktop distribution going with such a rube goldberg contraption though..

from what i can tell, pulseaudio mainly offers better resampling/softmixing than dmix, and the ability to connect to win32's soundsystem in addition to ALSA, in the spirit of pa18(or is that 19)..

i really think the developers of phonon, pulseaudio, gstreamer, portaudio, jack, alsa, and oss-free need to get together, eat some LSD or drink some coffee, tea, or whatever, and not leave the room until they work their shit out.

in the meantime i'll accept the fact that i cant answer VOIP calls if any other soundapp is running..if its important, they can email ;)

> Lee

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