[linux-audio-dev] Re: Language fanboys [was Re: light C++ set for WAV]

Forest Bond forest at alittletooquiet.net
Mon Jul 24 14:41:49 UTC 2006

> As for flexibility. If we stick to the NRPN's for a moment, we could
> think of them as a huge switch-board with 127*127 destinations (msb*lsb)
> each capable of holding a 14bit value. Their meaning is what we want or
> need them to be. To me this seems like a flexible enough starting point.
> As for applying meaning to bit-patterns, that would depend on the
> application. My own variables comes in multiples of 8 or 4 so that helps
> in remembering what and where they are.

I assume that RTP MIDI could be wrapped in a nice library that makes working
with it a lot more pleasant?  Couldn't someone implement a protocol over RTP
MIDI sysex/NRPN/something that feels something like OSC at the code level?  Or
would that just not be very useful?

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