[linux-audio-dev] Basic MIDI question

Jens M Andreasen jens.andreasen at chello.se
Mon Jul 24 23:47:04 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-24 at 19:38 -0400, Lee Revell wrote:

> I think it's me that's confused - as you can see I'm certainly not a
> MIDI expert.
> When playing a MIDI file to a rawmidi port ...

$man aplaymidi
 -p, --port=client:port,...

       Sets the sequencer port(s) to  which  the  events
       in  the MIDI file(s) are sent.

I think it is unpossible to make it use rawmidi. Says sequencer (which
will do the timing.) Can you jack in after the sequencer has performed
its magic, and you have the actual midi-stream?

>  with aplaymidi, it was not
> clear to me that it just passes the file through - I was under the
> impression that the driver would only see the actual events, not the
> timestamps and other metadata.
> Lee

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