[linux-audio-dev] Re: Akai's MPC4000 Sampler/Workstation Open Source Project

James Courtier-Dutton James at superbug.co.uk
Thu Jul 27 10:10:34 UTC 2006

Renich Bon Ćirić wrote:
> Well, everybody's telling me that Akai's OS is something else. 
> Realtime stuff and 2 or 3 engines and DSPs to manage. Besides, we have 
> to support akai's native file formats, like PROGRAM, MULTI and Sequence.
> I really don't know why... I'm just hearing what everybody says. You 
> think it shouldn't be that hard to port Linux and develop the effects 
> and stuff, and to support Akai's native format? Would you give me some 
> arguments and reasons?
> Thanks for the input!
The datasheet you posted it nice a detailed. We would need documentation 
regarding the file formats, so we could implement support for them.
I think the biggest problem you will come up against will be getting the 
equipment and the open source developers together.
Unless you donate the kit to each developer, nothing will happen. The 
kit is far too expensive for a developer to purchase out of good will.


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