[linux-audio-dev] Re: Akai's MPC4000 Sampler/Workstation Open Source Project

Renich Bon Ćirić renich at woralelandia.com
Mon Jul 31 05:25:00 UTC 2006


that is the search form. There are several bugs.

Well, you may be right in many ways. But, I think we can't stop and say: 
"oh, well. let's just drop the stupid quest". I think Linux was made in 
a similar way.

I see linux as a major achievement. So, even if our project may never be 
as big as Linux, well, it will be an achievement.

Jens M Andreasen wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-07-28 at 23:48 -0500, Renich Bon Ćirić wrote:
>> Well, the system has some major, important bugs. You could search a list 
>> of it on the unnofficial support forum, www.mpc-forums.com, since akai 
>> doesn't even have a bug tracking system, at least outside.
> Ehh ... I looked around a little in:
>    Exchange tips and tricks for the Akai MPC4000
>    26864 Posts, 3600 Threads
> Is that the one? There is no search function in the forum, and quite a
> low noise to content ratio. I can understand if akai is not willing to
> manually browse through it all ...
> I found one report of a "missing file", but nobody chiming in with a "me
> too", so there is no pattern there to follow. On the surface, that
> report could also look like a "dog ate my homework"  :-)
>> The last version was released 1.5 years ago. The update has a great 
>> number of bugs still in it. This bugs could be corrected easily, the 
>> developers say, but they haven't been corrected.
> What developers, akai? Open source advocates?
> And again, what bug? Saying "a great number" is hard to follow up on.
> In the forum I see many suggestions that could be compiled into some
> kind of wish-list. I would recommend that those people pick up some
> abondoned PC from the garbage bin, install Linux, and then join us
> here. 
> The chance of akai open sourcing their application is next to nil. They
> would (and should) consider their knowhow to be trade-secrets, which
> means that everything would be under an NDA. Furthermore, it would also
> be riddled with licensed patents, so of very little use to us.
> That the OS (or application) is not being updated is not nescesarily a
> bad thing. It might be so that the real bugs have been ironed out and
> compliance with specifications have been achieved. For that matter, the
> OS for my hardware synthesizer haven't been updated since late '84 (or
> was that early '85?) The OS misinterpreted an "all-notes-off" to be a
> "system-reset", which was the end of fun with inter-operability. Despite
> that there are no further updates after that, I am still happy and I use
> it every day :-)
>> Support from akai is very strange, you do have a support at akaipro.com 
>> email, but they usually just say that akai has nothing to do with it and 
>> that you should forget it.
>> The hardware is great... the service isn't... they could be so 
>> successful,..
> It's a $3K unit! If they have managed to ship, say 3000 units, they
> would be close to (or beyond) break-even. My guess is, from an
> accountants POV, that they are successful. 
> High profiled synthesizers are like Lambourginis and Ferraris: Everybody
> knows what they look like and what they can do, but only the few select
> can afford to actually own one and use it. Talking of which: Porshe
> still haven't fixed the bug in the back-suspension of the 911
> Carrera ... 
> ()
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