[linux-audio-dev] alsa, oss , efficiency?

lemmel lem0mel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 21:50:55 UTC 2006

Le jeudi 02 novembre 2006 22:04, vous avez écrit :
> This is probably an application problem. There is a special case that if
> the application does not write a full period to the sound card before
> calling snd_pcm_drain(), the last samples(incomplete period) written
> might not be played.
I share your point of view for I tested with aplay (see another post), and all 
works fine :-)
> The recommended way to use the sound card drivers is to use a callback
> method. The callback will ask for a period at a time, so it is made
> clear to the application writer that they HAVE to send an entire period.
Can you be more precise about the function? (I a noob with sound and alsa, but 
I know well dhat is a callbcak function :-) )

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