[linux-audio-dev] Re: The Linux Audio Vision

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Tue Nov 21 19:06:24 UTC 2006

> Your partner is also named Carlo? =)

When people want to talk to both us, they can yell "Hey, Carlos!"

> There is a disabled build option for a DSSI interface in ZynAddSubFX, so
> it looks like Paul Nasca also has been thinking about this. I managed to
> get it to build as a plugin with some minor hacks, but I couldn't get
> any sound from it.

So did I, it wasn't actually usable though. I couldn't get my host (Om)
to recognize it.

>> in addition, a set of LADSPA plugins for use in modular synths would be
>> excessively helpful.
> Nedko Arnaudov is working on rewriting the ZynAddSubFX synthesis engines
> as separate LV2 plugins. I don't know if he's planning to do all the
> effects as well.

Sweeeeet! That's just insanely wonderful.

Since you replied here, you might be interested in getting involved
somehow (which, if you happen to be developing linux audio, you already
are :). But feel free to share any ideas.


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