[LAD] unsubscribe question

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Apr 26 14:04:46 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 25 April 2007, Frank Eickhoff wrote:
>hello, i would like to unsubscribe from the mailinglist, however since
>there where changes in the administration i receive daily mails, that
>was different before. but i dont understand where i can change this by
>thank you,
>Linux-audio-dev mailing list
>Linux-audio-dev at lists.linuxaudio.org

Do you not see the two links at the bottom of every message?  One does his own 
list management chores at the last one, or should be able to.  If like me, 
they'll have to send you a fresh copy of the password, my aged wet ram is way 
too volatile to remember all that for 43 lists. :)

Cheers, Gene
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