[LAD] Re: [LAU] ReplyTo munging (Was: What hardware is actually used by freebob/ffado users?)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Aug 1 06:22:17 UTC 2007

Chris Cannam hat gesagt: // Chris Cannam wrote:

> On Tuesday 31 July 2007 21:30, Paul Winkler wrote:
> > I used to like reply-to munging. But I've come to think that the risk
> > of accidentally posting private stuff in public greatly outweighs the
> > convenience 
> That's exactly how I feel.  I've seen too many people post embarrassing 
> private things to public lists by accident.

It has happened here on LAD and LAU as well and fuelled flame wars. I'm an
advocate of no munging for a long time, and I'm glad, Marc is
considering it for these lists as well. It also fits better with all
the Sourceforge lists we're on, which all default to no munging as
well, so many people should at least partially be used to no munging.

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