[LAD] [ANN] Linux Audio Conference 2008

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Sun Aug 5 11:01:45 UTC 2007

Linux Audio Conference 2008
Lectures / Demos / Workshops / Concerts / Linux Soundnight
Köln/Cologne, 28.2.-2.3.2008

The 6th Linux Audio Conference is taking place in Cologne (Germany) Feb 28th to
March 2nd 2008.

The Academy of Media Arts[1], Cologne, is proud to host the Linux Audio Conference
2008[2], where once a year programmers and artists, musicians, composers and
practioneers gather to discuss and explore new and important developments in
making music and sounds with Linux and Open Source software.

The Linux Audio Conference is both a meeting of developers writing audio
software for Linux as it is a music festival, where artists from all over the
world show how free software can create fresh and exciting new sounds.

A wide range of workshops, talks and presentations will once again prove, how
Tux, the friendly penguin, spreads its little wings into areas, that no longer
are the realm for the big fish alone - like computer music, sound engineering
and audio distribution. The LAC aims at bringing together developers and users
of Linux and open source audio software with the goal of information sharing,
project discussions, making (and dancing to) music.

Each day of the conference there will be a concert which features music
composed and created with open source software.

Stay tuned for the various calls for Papers, Music and Workshops bound to
appear on the new LAC website - http://lac.linuxaudio.org - right after the
summer break.

The team of LAC2008 is working hard to make the LAC Cologne again a successful
and most of all fun event for all visitors and participants. If you have
further questions, want to cooperate with us or just cannot wait anymore, you
can always contact us by email: lac at linuxaudio.org

Hear you in 2008!
Frank Barknecht and Martin Rumori

Mail: lac at linuxaudio.org
Web: http://lac.linuxaudio.org

[1] http://www.khm.de
[2] http://lac.linuxaudio.org

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