[LAD] rtaudio jack/alsa problem..

James Stone jamesmstone at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 13:11:20 UTC 2007

I have a problem with a a project I am helping out with (aldrin),
which uses rtaudio version 3.0.3 for jack/alsa/oss handling.

When aldrin starts, it calls libzzub to detect all possible sound
input/output, and then selects the best one (defaulting to jack
if it is running). This is working fine on my system if I have
selected a sub-device from my SBLive card as the sound
input/output device (hw:0,3 works fine). However, if I select the
default jack output (hw:0), I get loads of xruns when aldrin
starts, then jack dies. Doing some further testing, if I disable
detection of alsa after libzzub successfully finds a jack device,
then hw:0 will work fine without any xruns, so it seems that
there is some conflict between jack and alsa. 

Lastly, I noted that if I select hw:0,3 as the output for jack,
then libzzub/rtaudio does not pick up hw:0,3 as a valid alsa
output (presumably correctly assigning it as a jack output),
whereas if I am using hw:0 as the output for jack, then hw:0,0 is
also detected as a valid ALSA device.. this makes me think the
xruns are caused by some conflict.

The lead dev for libzzub is not happy with my patch to libzzub
not to detect alsa if jack is found, and would prefer a fix to
the rtaudio code. I am not really sure where to start with this,
since I am not 100% sure what is going on. I would really
appreciate it if anyone could help with this..

Best wishes,


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