[LAD] PHASEX-0.11.1

William Weston weston at sysex.net
Tue Aug 14 04:29:08 UTC 2007

PHASEX-0.11.1 contains fixes for the segfault issues some users have 
seen with version 0.11.0.  Special thanks goes to Adam Sampson for 
tracking this down, and to the rest of you who sent in bug reports.

Upgrading to 0.11.1 is recommended for all users, since it appears 
that this bug will corrupt memory used by the synth engine even if 
it doesn't trigger a segfault.

As usual, source tarballs and FC6 RPMs (src, i386, i686, and athlon) 
are available at:


Thank you for your continued support.  Here's to happy music-making 
under Linux!


/* William Weston <weston at sysex.net> */

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