[LAD] Re: Embedded linux board

Elthariel Elune elthariel at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 16:55:17 UTC 2007

2007/8/20, Ben Loftis <ben at glw.com>:
> The Epia 5000 soundcard works at low latencies, but the sound quality is
> not very good.  The M-series has "decent" onboard sound.  I think it has
> less to do with the digital side than the analog... the M-series has
> more "oomph".  I'd try the 600 MHz fanless version.  It should be plenty
> of horsepower to do stomp box processing.  It's been out a long time;
> everything should work right out of the box with any recent distro.
> Tell us how it goes, Florian!
> -Ben Loftis

You should look benchmarks about that processor, via try to reach embedded
market by working on heat and consumption because they processor are very
inefficient. It must be some benchmark out there, have a look.

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