[LAD] wcnt-1.26 compile test wanted

james jwm-art net james at jwm-art.net
Sat Dec 1 15:34:28 UTC 2007


I've just done as much as I can to make sure wcnt-1.26 is working. I
appreciate if anybody would try compiling on other platforms beside Debian
Etch on i686...


..before I upload it to sf.net, etc.

new features to wcnt-1.26

* uses libsndfile for file I/O - wcnt's first library dependancy :)

* several modules interface with LADSPA plugins from SWH and CAPS plugin
   (make sure LADSPA_PATH environment is set :)

  glame lowpass and highpass filters,
  bode frequency shifter,
  plate reverbs (mono input & stereo input versions)
  sc1 compressor
  fast lookahead limiter
  dc offset remover

* orbit module - impliments an orbit fractal which iterates on trigger
  hopalong threeply and quadrup orbit types. it also auto-scales the
  output after n test iterations. output_x & output_y.

* adsr_scaler - scales individual sections (ie entire attack decay or
  sections) of an adsr module.

// please fwd this to LAU if that's a more appropriate list as I'm not
// subscribed there.

Please reply offlist with reports of compilation problems, etc, to:

james  att  jwm-art  dott  net

Regards, cheers,

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