[LAD] "enhanced event port" LV2 extension proposal

Lars Luthman lars.luthman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 03:35:57 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-12-04 at 09:42 +0000, Krzysztof Foltman wrote:
> What about this (translate it to C in your heads :) ):
> interface IURIRegistryObserver
> {
>   // function in plugin etc. called by host whenever new URI is registered
>   void mapping_added(int id, const char *uri);
> };
> interface IURIRegistry
> {
>   int uri_to_id(const char *uri, bool create_if_absent);
>   const char *id_to_uri(int id);
>   void add_observer(IURIRegistryObserver *observer);
>   void remove_observer(IURIRegistryObserver *observer);
> };
> interface IURIRegistries
> {
>   IURIRegistry *get_registry(const char *registry_uri);
> };

I don't like having something this complicated in an extension that is
going to be required if you just want to write a simple synth with a
MIDI input. Is there really any need for adding and removing mappings

Just passing an array in the LV2_Feature data would be enough for me.


PS. Who keeps breaking the list headers? About 50% of the time "Reply to
list" doesn't work on mails in this thread.
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