[LAD] Rubber Band v1.0 - an audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library and utility

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Fri Dec 14 09:01:04 UTC 2007

[Chris Cannam]

>On Monday 10 December 2007 23:36, Tim Goetze wrote:
>>   Unfortunately it also has to be noted that after the onset, the
>> voice body in rubberband's output is not sounding quite as good as
>> with 'stretch' -- there's a faint chorus/aliasing effect, not very
>> strong but irritating.
>You may find you prefer it with the --no-peaklock option, or even 
>with --crispness 5.

Indeed, the chorus/aliasing effect is as good as gone with 
--no-peaklock, but the vocals begin to suffer from periodic amplitude 
modulation (tremolo).  The effect even becomes a bit stronger with 
--crispness 5.

>I perhaps foolishly didn't include a standard crispness option that only 
>does the equivalent of --no-peaklock, because that wasn't preferred to 
>any of the alternatives for the examples in my informal blind listening 
>tests.  (Instead the default settings tone down the amount of peak 
>locking gradually as the stretch ratio increases.)

At what stretching/compressing ratios have you run your tests, and 
with what kind of source material?  While the code is certainly doing 
quite fine, I have a feeling that my 2x test runs could be a bit out 
of line with the intended kind of use.


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