[LAD] realtime dts upsampling

Nathanael Anderson wirelessdreamer at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 18:10:08 UTC 2007

I'm trying to find a good solution for realtime upsampling and eq effects.

So far it seems running jamin  with jack enabled programs, and passing them
through jamin for processing will be the best program for adjusting eq
levels, and setting crossovers. In this area, information on other programs
I have missed is appricated.

I would then like to be able to take the sound and upsample it to dts for
5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, and being able to set delays for each speaker to
be able to tune the audio to the acoustics of the area. A perfect setup
would be able to to full eq/crossover/delay settings for each speaker while
doing live encodes, but any additional information on open source projects
related to these areas are appricated.

Thanks in advance,
Nathanael Anderson
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