[LAD] jmax & jack

Fons Adriaensen fons at kokkinizita.net
Thu Dec 20 15:14:12 UTC 2007

Anyone knows how to create unconnected and sensibly named
jack ports in jmax ?

The menu in the configuration editor shows a mix of alsa
device names (???), jack's alsa_pcm ports, and something
called 'jMax jack output'.

Selecting the latter creates a jack port, but any attempt
to have more than one in this way fails.

Selecting one of the alsa_pcm ones creates a jack port
connected to the corresponding alsa_pcm port, and having
the same name. Other jack clients don't show up. You can 
disconnect or reconnect it, but it keeps its original name
which doesn't make any sense.

What the alsa devices are doing in this menu is a complete

Help !


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Parma, Italia

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