[linux-audio-dev] Simple music sequencer/sample player (drummmachine?)

kind king knight game_core at o2.pl
Wed Jan 3 21:28:21 UTC 2007

I need a framework of a sequenced sample player. This is becouse I want
to start my own project, and don't want to invent everything from
scratch. Ofcourse there is lot of this kind opensource applications, but
I need the simplest. 
- It should use only /dev/dsp
- the sequence should be in a form of an char array, where the bits
decide what voice to play. For egzample:
seq[]={1,0,0,0,2,0,1,3,0,3,1,0,2,0,1,0} seq[0]==1 means that in first
should be played only the first sample (bassdrum),seq[1]==0 means pause
(no sample), seq[4]==2 second voice (snare), and seq[7]==3 means snare
+bass drumm.
- I need to understand how the sequence procesing, and sound mixing is
done in real time, and how the gaps betwen sounds should be iplemented.
- the samples should be held in raw arrays (16 of 8 bit), eventualy
downloadable from hdd.
- a simple dsp like lp-filter would be nice to see, becouse i am curios
how the time needed to proces the signal should be counted into the
latency (and buffer size).
- there is also a need for bpm clock.
- a simple interpolation would be nice.

Ok. I think that this is all! :P

Or wait!!!!! I have a better idea! I there a way to make those things
using for example libmikmod? 

I would like to start a music program for live mixing of mod, and xm
modules (plaing, and muting chanels, realtime patterns changing, looping
sequences). If someoune is interested 
in helping, I am open for sugestions.

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