[linux-audio-dev] Simple music sequencer/sample player (drummmachine?)

kind king knight game_core at o2.pl
Wed Jan 3 23:32:59 UTC 2007

>libzzuvb is probably closest to what you describe. you could also hack
together dino|seq24 with chionic|specimen, anything heftier (eg, wired,
LMMS, hydrogen) is likely to be more annoynig to extract

Those programs are to complicated. I need a toy to learn from it (it
should be simple, but written using good techniques). I tough more about
something like Hammerhead ( http://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/ ), or
even something easier (no gui, one soucefile). 

>/dev/dsp represents a deprecated interface. 

>moreover, what happens when someone wants to route the output of your
>cool, modified mod player through FreqTweak or jack_convolve?

Like I said, I want to learn from it, so I don't need a complicated soundserver support
(but I don't say that I won't ever use it).

If there isn't such program, then maybe someone could write it for me :D.

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