[linux-audio-dev] integrating qt apps with common plugin interface

Pau Arumi parumi at iua.upf.edu
Mon Jan 8 23:45:28 UTC 2007

kind king knight wrote:
> I don't think that vst, or dxi, are useful to work with qt, because they
> aren't adopted in Linux, and I don't think that windows users would
> bother compiling sources (for releasing compiled qt applications you
> must buy the qt license). Beside qt doesn't have good routines for
> playing sound (i am thinking about the gnu version <=3).    

I think you miss all the points:
Trolltech provides a GPL version of the current Qt (4.x) for Windows.
And regarding the audio capabilities of Qt, well, you couldn't care less 
about it when you are developing VSTs, etc. plugins,
since audio is provided by the host through the process callback.

Robert, I'm in the same track for the clam project
Currently you can automatically build a VST dll from a clam network 
definition. Now we want to add Qt interfaces as we do with standalone 

We have not started doing experiments yet. However, it seems that it is 
possible, at least using an additional window
Probably the extra window is needed because that Qt (GPL Win version) 
doesn't give interface to adopt a (VST) window.
On the other hand you can find VST plugins based on FLTK, like 
ZynAddSubFx, I guess FLTK can adopt windows.

Please report any success on that, I'll also do.


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