[linux-audio-dev] RE: lists.linuxaudio.org migration complete, time to consolidate LAD/LAU/LAA?

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Mon Jan 15 17:08:08 UTC 2007

> I do not have any objections to this, and I am willing to continue the
> administration tasks on these new servers if the migration is voted by
> the other members.
> Also, I would like to discuss with you (ico) some setup specifics I
> would like to see implemented, mostly about automatic spam filtering,
> which is a huge problem on LAA. I know you guys don't see it, but
> believe me... ;-)

Yes, I can only imagine how much junk you have to read through...

FWIW, you can set up the listserv so that it simply discards stuff from
unsubscribed posters. This would fix LAA as well and as such it seems to me
like a reasonable compromise since spammers in most cases are not subscribed
to the list and if a poster really wants to post on a particular list they
might as well subscribe to it.

I am sure there may be some who would disagree with this kind of a policy
and thus I think it is ultimately up to you to decide what you deem best

Best wishes,


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