[linux-audio-dev] Little advertisment ;P

kind king knight game_core at o2.pl
Mon Jan 22 20:02:03 UTC 2007

I am an electronic musician (even an computer musician). I am
specializen in any kind of electronic music from techno to glitch .Here
are some of my releases: 

I am also a regular participator of soundevotion
(www.sdcompo.com)tracking competition (as crosfire)

I mainly use trackers (renoise,fasttracker, sakale), but have experience
in modular synthesis (reaktor, buzz, arts builder), midi/audio/vst
sequencers (cubase, logic), and other (rebirth, reason, and many

The point is that if you have developed an music application (linux, or
windows), and need demo songs, or a simple testing, then I am probably
I know that most of open source audio developers are also musicians, and
they do the demo songs, and bug testing, and other things by themselves,
but there not always is time. Anyway I am here to help you! :D

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