[linux-audio-dev] Sample Rate Converter Comparison

Frank Smith frsmith at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 18:49:38 UTC 2007

I need help!!

I have just installed 64studio on a SATA disk (Hitachi 250 gig)
I have windoze on the first disk (HDA) and Ubuntu 32bit on the Secondary
Master HDC (?)
I did have an  ide 150 gig but SMART informed me it was bad this originally
had 64studio on it.

I have removed the 150 and got the sata 250 for 64studio.
After installing It asked to write the boot to the MBR I said yes.

Now I can't boot at all no grub nothing just a cursor blinking at me, black

Any ideas how I get my stuff back the ubuntu stuff I really need.

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