[LAD] LADSPA dilemma

Jeff McClintock jef at synthedit.com
Sat Jun 16 07:59:43 UTC 2007

> Since LADSPA does not specifiy that control values are valid at
> activate(), either

As a host developer, I'd like to explain why control values are not 
valid at activate().

Imagine a modular plugin system which allows chaining of control 
signals. Assume all plugins are activated before any is run...


'A's control outputs might depend on it's audio input. i.e. 'A' can't 
send control signals until run() is called.
  Given that, 'B's input ports can't ever be valid during activate.

Best to not access control values during activate. Perhaps helpful if 
hosts never provide them... to encourage plugin developers to write 
robust code ;)


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