[LAD] [ann] CAPS 0.4.0

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Mon Jun 18 10:44:56 UTC 2007

[Paul Winkler]

>Good news!  I get a lot of use out of CAPS, and with each
>release it gets better.

Thanks, I'm very happy that CAPS has managed to build stable 
friendships out there, despite being such a brat sometimes. :)

>Any chance the next Amp incarnation will include a presence control?
>I believe they work by controlling the amount of negative feedback in
>the power amp stage.

I think that it comes down to a relatively simple high-pass filter 
(possibly resonant and/or shelving depending on the feedback network 
configuration) but I'd have to do quite a bit of further reading and 
circuit study to reach a definite conclusion.  It may not look like it 
but I'm not really good at understanding electronics (in fact I think 
I truly suck at it).


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