[LAD] PG Studentship - Glasgow University

Nick Bailey n.j.bailey at elec.gla.ac.uk
Thu Jun 21 15:09:49 UTC 2007

I hope you won't mind an off topic post, but the LAD list has helped  
us in the past in this respect, and I hope it'll do so again.

The Centre for Music Technology at The University of Glasgow has a  
postgraduate place funded for three years for a PhD student to  
undertake research into data representation of musical structures. We  
are looking for somebody who is fluent in music analysis to degree  
level, and is also a competent programmer (preferably with Linux  
experience) with an appreciation of databases, XML (in the context of  
MusicXML) and desktop programming (e.g. with KDE). We are seeking to  
achieve the automated discovery of musical structures in performed  
and written music. Past projects have involved the performances of  
Shoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire with Soprano Jane Manning, analysis of  
Chopin Piano works, and microtonal performance analysis with memebers  
of the BBC Singers and the Royal College of Music.

It is a condition of the funding that the successful applicant must  
be a UK national. Applicants are of course encouraged internationally  
if they have their own funding.

We are cognisant of the fact that such a disparity of skills will be  
hard to come by, but there are 60 million UK nationals, and we only  
need one! That said, if you have some of the skill set described  
above and are interested, please contact me for details on how to  
apply. Since we are part of an Engineering Faculty and have  
postgraduate students already in place, music analysis skills would  
be particularly valued.

Thanks for your time and bandwidth,

Nick Bailey

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