[linux-audio-dev] Getting out of the software game

Paul Coccoli pcoccoli at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 12:56:31 UTC 2007

On 3/14/07, Gordon JC Pearce <wsynth at gjcp.net> wrote:
> After a few days of careful consideration, I've decided that I no longer
> want to be involved in developing software for Linux.  It's been a
> difficult decision to make, having used Linux as my main desktop OS for
> around 10 years now, but I feel that the community as a whole is going
> in a direction that is not compatible with my moral compass.
> To that end, I'm pulling everything I've written under the GPL or a
> GPL-compatible licence.  If there are copies out there, great, feel
> free.  Anything I'm interested in will be rewritten from the ground up
> under a BSD-style licence, which to be honest I've always preferred.
> Part of the reason for this is the increasing difficulty of using binary
> drivers with Linux.  I know a lot of people don't like them, but I like
> to have things like accelerated video *and* custom kernels without all
> the buggering about involved in getting it working.  In particular the
> Debian-based distributions seem to be intentionally hamstrung when comes
> to supporting binary-only drivers, which makes running the custom kernel
> required for low-latency work *and* the binary nVidia driver almost
> impossible.
> I don't want to be associated with this nonsense any more.  It's not
> what Free Software is about.

What do binary-only drivers have to do with Free Software?

Besides, what you want is probably impossible.  You can't have
pre-comiled, binary-only drivers *and* a custom kernel.

I hear Mac OS X is nice; maybe it would suit your needs better.

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