[linux-audio-dev] Open Sound System v4.0 released

Stéphane Letz letz at grame.fr
Fri Mar 16 08:05:47 UTC 2007

Le 15 mars 07 à 21:24, Hannu Savolainen a écrit :

>      			Open Sound System v4.0 Released.
> CULVER CITY, CA, March 15, 2007: 4Front Technologies is announcing  
> the availability of Open Sound System (OSS) version 4.0 for Linux,  
> Solaris, FreeBSD, Open Server6 and UnixWare7.
> Open Sound System is a cross platform audio architecture that  
> provides drivers for most consumer and professional audio devices  
> and comes with an API that allows applications to be simply  
> recompiled on any of the supported operating systems.
> New Features:
> o New and improved transparent Virtual Mixer engine
>    - Allows up to 16 applications to share the same "real" audio  
> device.
>    - Supports recording and full duplex in addition to playback.
>    - Ability to mix stereo and multichannel audio streams up to  
> 7.1/192Khz/32bit.
>    - Supports full 24 bit range without loss of precision during  
> internal computations.
>    - mmap() support for games like DoomIII and Quake4.
>    - Each application has its own independant volume controls.
>    - Supports loop back recording.
> o Full Solaris Audio Device Architecture (SADA) emulation on  
> Solaris so that legacy
>    Solaris audio apps can run on Open Sound System drivers.
> o Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) Library emulation  
> support so that popular ALSA apps
>   (the ones that use the ALSA library interface) can run on Open  
> Sound System.

And ALSA emulating OSS API.... ))-: there is definitively something  
wrong on this system....


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